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Do You Love Spanish Wine?
By Angela Aiello


Then you need to know, understand and appreciate Rueda! Unlike other Spanish wine regions, Rueda is the only region that specializes in white wine production; Rueda (pronounced: Roo-eh-duh) is known for growing the Verdejo (pronounced: Vurr-day-ho) grape. It is a 1,000-year-old indigenious grape that is the top-selling white wine in Spain and has been growing in the Rueda appellation for over 10 centuries.  

Rueda is about 170 km northwest of the ever-so-popular, Madrid city. The wine region is beautiful and has the Duero River flowing directly through it. Grapes and vineyards receive 2,700 hours of sunlight per year (in comparison, Canada receives 2,000 hours). 

There are long hot summers, cold winters and the soils are built for beautifully-structured white wines with limestone, sand, pebbles and clay as their terroir. There are approximately 73 wineries and 1,500 winegrowers with vineyards planted at 700-800m above sea level. 

With the shift in temperatures from warm days to cool nights, these white wines are bright, beautiful and balanced. Verdejo has a similar taste profile to Pinot Grigio, but with just a little bit more attitude and is not as well known so it makes for a great wine tasting adventure!! On the label you’ll see the region Rueda, and inside the bottle you’ll find a crisp, refreshing white wine, made with the indigenous Verdejo grapes and sometimes Sauvignon Blanc.


D.O. Rueda is celebrating its 40th anniversary with three events including:

  1. An educational online wine class with Master Sommelier, Bruce Wallner (September 22).  Bruce is one of only five Master Sommeliers in Canada (and one of 266 in the world). This virtual trip to Spain includes a curated three or six wine case  (not available at the LCBO) paired with Spanish cheese and meats to enhance the wine experience - more at HYPERLINK "%22http"
  1. The region is also featured in a curated region wine case through the new Passport Exchange Program with Wine Align (available until September 14).  This package features six non-LCBO wines (two of each) in a twelve case.  
  1. Watch Instagram Live on October 5th as yours truly @superwinegirl features wines currently available from the LCBO and SAQ I will also have a special guest of a winery from the region and featuring a new LCBO release wine - you’ll learn Rueda 101 and sip through some great wines!


Give these five wines a try the next time you’re at the LCBO!

  • Honoro Vera Rueda 2018 $10.55
  • Cuatro Rayas Vendemio Nocturna Verdejo 2018  $13.95 (VINTAGES)
  • Garciarévalo Finca Tres Olmos Lias Verdejo 2018  $13.95 (VINTAGES)
  • Hermanos Lurton Rueda Cuesta De Oro Blanc 2018  $22.95 (VINTAGES)
  • Marques De Riscal Rueda DO $13.95 (LCBO)
  • Dominio De La Granadilla (LCBO releasing October 1st)


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