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Napa Valley

By Angela Aiello 

Did you know Napa means “the land of plenty” in the Native American language of Wappo? We all know and love California’s Napa Valley, it’s a very small and special place with a larger than life reputation--a true gem within California’s prestigious wine region. Wines from this region are complex, densely structured, and absolutely mind-blowing to taste, share and experience.


What exactly are highly sought after wines made from iconic wineries? Cult wines? Simply put they are wines made in very small quantities and often sold for high prices due to their limited quantity of production. These wines often earn high scores from top wine wine critics and can be made by famous consulting winemakers from all around the world. Napa Valley is a region whose world- famous Cabernet Sauvignons make headlines every day. Their wines are often created by historic wineries who have been farming for decades in the Napa Valley.
As it has done for over 150 years, the collective spirit of Napa Valley will persevere even through the recent wildfires. Napa’s winemakers will continue to make world class wines and show their strength in times of challenge. At its core, Napa Valley is a strong, agricultural community where grapes have been grown and wines made for more than 150 years. Napa’s spirit is unbroken, and the beauty and bounty of its region continues to inspire.

Napa Valley Wines

California and Napa Valley are leaders in sustainable farming and both regions stay focused on keeping the environment healthy and thriving for generations to come. Their collective vision to produce world class wine is unwavering.

Premium California wines are a great way to:

  • Elevate your at-home dining experience

  • Splurge to upgrade your wine and food pairing experiences on special occasions

  • Say thank-you to your clients over the holidays with premium exquisite bottles

What is the profile of Napa Valley Cabernet?

Simply put, it is the perfect blend of dark chocolate & Berries, with profound structure and freshness. They are worthy of sipping on now or holding in a cellar for years to come! Many wineries are family estates and NOW is the perfect time to support the wines from this region. You can feel even better about the wine in your glass knowing your purchases are helping families and the regions to stay strong and persevere.

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