Isabelle Menin ~ Photography

Belgian photographer Isabelle Menin (b. 1961, Brussels) refers to her photographs as ‘disordered landscapes’; composed of numerous original photographs, Menin juxtaposes her floral subject matter with her skillful use of digital manipulation to create vignettes imbued with playful artifice.

Informed by her background as a painter and illustrator, the painterly nature and graphic sensibility of Menin’s approach reinterprets her natural imagery as source material for mark-making; abstracted and reoriented, the petals and stems abundant Menin’s compositions become a means to enact disembodied gestures. Through Menin’s process, these expressive forms coalesce into layered transparencies and riotous arrangements, harnessing a sense of dynamic movement and visual force to realize the artist’s fervent exploration of the uncanny and sublime.

Menin is a graduate of the Graphic Research School (ERG) in Brussels and has exhibited internationally in numerous art fairs and museums, Menin's works can be found in numerous private and corporate collections.

Isabelle Menin, Avant Que Le Monde Ne Fut Roi 05


Isabelle Menin, New Rome 07

Isabelle Menin, Le Capitaine In Love 08

Isabelle Menin, The Golden Garden

Isabelle Menin, My Secret is Safe With You 11

Isabelle Menin, Crossing Oceans of Time