End of an Era ~ By Zacharie Robichon

The Chronicles of Pfaff Motorsports Part 2 of 2: Recap - End of an Era

Pfaff started off as my rivals. When I first started racing in GT3 Cup, they were the reigning champions from 2015. Coming from Ottawa, I knew of the Pfaff dealerships as the “big dealer” from Toronto. Those first couple of years we had a few.... Let’s call them rough patches. Competing against another team at a high level, it is almost inevitable that at one point or another you will run into each other on track. For us, it was both in 2016 and in 2017.

At that time, I watched the team progress out of GT3 cup in 2017 into World Challenge in 2018. I remember being relieved that I didn’t have to continue competing against them, but also being slightly envious of the whole teams’ path towards the race series and challenges that I was hoping to one day compete in. At the end of my championship winning season, people had started talking about Pfaff’s move to IMSA GTD competition.

I remember thinking, damn... I wish I hadn’t had those issues competing against them in the years prior. Little did I know, I had left a mark with them, one that led to them asking me to join them in their inaugural season in IMSA GTD competition, North Americas top level of Sportscar racing.

Fast forward 3 years, and by know most of you the story. We’ve won together, we’ve faced challenges, and we’re now champions. The end of this season has forced me to reflect on my career.

I spent 3 years in F1600 with Brian Graham Racing. I set myself 3 goals with Brian, to win rookie of the year (done in 2013) win the can-am cup (done in 2014) and win the Montreal GP F1600 support race (done in 2015).

I spent 3 years in GT3 Cup with Mark Motors, and with them I had only 1 goal. To win the championship, which we achieved in 2018.

And now I’ve spent 3 years with Pfaff Motorsports in GTD. I had 2 goals, win one of the major endurance races, and win the championship. Both of which we achieved in 2021.

I find it funny to think that I’ve spent 3 years with each of these teams. 9 seasons in car racing, and not a single person on any of these teams would I hesitate to call at any given time. It goes to show the luck I’ve had to share my time and my career with every single person from these seasons.

Par for the course, after 3 seasons I find myself with new challenges for 2022. With Pfaff Motorsports moving to a full Porsche factory driver lineup for this season, I will be joining Wright Motorsports for the 4 endurance races of the IMSA Weathertech Championship. This championship within a championship is known as the Michelin Endurance Cup. Of course, in an ideal world I would have been able to find a full season drive after our championship winning year, but that’s one thing about racing, nothing is guaranteed.

Wright has a long history of success with the Porsche brand, another team I’ve raced against in the past, with sometimes mixed emotions between us, I know they are fierce competitors. A team that I’ve always hoped I would have the opportunity to race with, and one I look forward to achieving success with.

Being the 3rd driver will be a new experience for me. The past 3 seasons I have been one of the two “main” drivers on the team, with Wright, I’ll be the extra driver for the long races, and this will be a difference in attitude and approach to the races. I will be joining the full season pairing of Jan Heylen and Ryan Hardwick. My role will be to help in their hunt for the overall championship, and of course try and secure as many points as possible for the endurance cup championship. This will truly be a learning opportunity for me as my role will be to support them in their bids at success as best as possible. I love a challenge, and this one can’t get started soon enough.


Zacharie Robichon

Zacharie Robichon

Zacharie Robichon #9 Pfaff

Zacharie Robichon #9 Pfaff 

IMSA GTD - Champs 2021


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